A rare look into crowdfunding in Japan: Interview with video game – Monken – creators

Screen shot of Camp-Fire.jp: Japanese crowdfunding platform

Screenshot of Camp-Fire.jp: Japanese crowdfunding platform

Original Article/Interview from IndieGames:

Team Grand Slam, a collection of veteran Japanese developers behind the upcoming free-to-play Monken, recently ran a successful crowdfunding campaign on a Japanese platform called Campfire. They raised just under ¥2.5 million ($25,000 USD) for the development of a game they plan to release under a Creative Commons license. That may not seem like much money compared to the amounts raised by developers like Double Fine and Obsidian, but it’s the largest amount raised for a game on this Japanese crowdfunding site to date.

We mentioned this back in March, but Monken is an upcoming free-to-play game in which the player is fighting terrorists – with a crane. Inspired by nationwide Japapnese news coverage of real events, the point of the game is to bash a building with a wrecking ball until the terrorist inside is killed, freeing his hostages and allowing the player to move on to the next terrorist-held building.

There have been few opportunities to look into the crowdfunding of games in Japan, so we’re glad that Fumio Kurokawa has opened up to us. In addition to discussing the shocking news coverage that led him to design a game based on the events portrayed in Japan’s first TV news marathon, he tlaks about his team’s plans to release the game under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

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