Music Boy Band Legend, Nick Carter turns to Indiegogo to fund Horror Film.

Courtesy of Nick Carter press media

Courtesy of Nick Carter press media

Nick Carter, one of the members of popular 90s boy band, the Backstreet Boys, is making a comeback not in the music industry but as an executive producer for a horror movie. He is seeking funding by launching a crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo.

Unbeknownst to his fans, Nick Carter has always been an aficionado for horror movies and dreamt about being a film producer as well as a screenwriter. Partnering with Sxully Essex, also a film maker and screenwriter, the horror flick is called ‘Evil Blessings’. It is ‘about 3 friends who go up to the mountain for a hunting trip but only to find, they are the ones being hunted by an ancient family of evil’. In order to garner more credibility for his production, the singer has also managed to get Rob Carliner, an Oscar winning producer, under his belt.

evilblessingsNick Carter is looking to raise a total amount of $85,000 via an equity crowdfunding platform. The film project is going to run for the next 45 days and currently, it has already received over $35,000 in funding. Backers for this crowdfunding campaign will receive perks such as limited edition t-shirts, getting a role in the film, attending the red carpet event, as well as a meet and greet with the pop star himself. This is not the first time crowdfunding has served as the platform for movie projects to get funding. A few months back, Rob Thomas has successfully received financial support to film another ‘Veronica Mars’ movie featuring Kristen Bell. You can check out the newly released trailer on their website. Not just that, Spike Lee has also recently started a Kickstarter campaign for his next motion picture.

[Source: Nicole Chow, CFB Staff Writer]

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