Burger Theory has parodied Toni Collette’s Commonwealth Bank ad in its latest crowdfunding campaign

Picture Courtesy of Pozible

Picture Courtesy of Pozible

BURGER Theory has launched a comedic broadside at the banking industry, after being turned down for finance for their new East End venture.

The company has mocked Toni Collette’s recent Commonwealth Bank advertisement, in which she recites a poem about the evils of the word “can’t”.

Salesman and friend to Burger Theory Jack Adams-Williams stars in the ad, which points out that the banking industry is actually sometimes more about “can’t than ”can”.

Burger Theory owner Rob Dean said the ad was “a bit of fun” to help direct people to their crowdfunding campaign on Pozible to get the new shop up and running.

But it was frustrating that the company had to spend two weeks filling out loan applications and such before being told “no”.

“It was no surprise that the banks weren’t going to back some obscure ice cream machine … but we were flat out rejected by everyone,” Mr Dean said.

“There was this ad that says you can do anything and when it comes down to it you don’t get a lot.’”It’s not to be taken too seriously.”

Mr Dean and business partner Dan Mendelson were named the 2012 SA Young Entrepreneurs of the Year following their graduation from Business SA’s SA Young Entrepreneur Scheme (SAYES). last year.


There’s a four-letter word

As offensive as any

It holds back the few

Puts a stop to the many.

You can’t have that bank loan

Despite all our fees.

We’d rather keep billions and leave you to bleed.

You’ll give us your money

You’ll pay all your bills

By growing your business

Our pockets you’ll fill.

Yet when you need us we will not be there

We’ll cut off supply so you struggle for air

Set narrow criteria

Re-write all the rules

Ignore social media

Take followers for fools

But those four faceless giants

That pre-date the cloud

Can be felled in an instant

If we harness the crowd.

We’ve paid for our store

But still need something more

To purchase equipment

Straight from the top drawer

The banks gave us the bird

Left us, frankly, disgusted

Help us have the last laugh

Please back frozen custard!

Source: Cameron England – Herald Sun

Link: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/national/burger-theory-has-parodied-toni-collette8217s-commonwealth-bank-ad-in-its-latest-crowdfunding-campaign/story-fnii5yv7-1226717792563

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