Orsto Ltd. Launches Crowdfunding Project For The PLUS+ Watch Bliss And Dynamic On FundAnything.com

Picture Courtesy of Orsto

Picture Courtesy of Orsto

With a goal of $100,000 Orsto Ltd. based in Durham, England has launched a crowdfunding campaign on FundAnything.com, the new platform partly owned by business mogul Donald Trump.  Happy to be one of the pioneering projects on the business mogul’s site dedicated to effectively raising money for noteworthy projects Orsto Ltd. has put its newest project front and center.  The PLUS+ Watch Bliss and Dynamic, otherwise known as two distinctive products of next generation wearable technology, are the first of their kind in the marketplace.  Hoping to garner the eye of Donald Trump himself to become one of the coveted “Trump’s Picks” Orsto Ltd. developers power on toward amply securing attention for their innovative products globally as well.

A huge leap forward in personal communication and computer miniaturization Orsto Ltd. developers have worked tirelessly for three years to bring the PLUS+ Watch in both the Bliss and Dynamic models to the marketplace.  In the process they have replicated the entire internal components of a Smartphone and by intelligent miniaturization compacted them into a watch sized casing making a Smartphone one-third of its typical size and wearable.  Currently supporting the English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Mandarin and Indonesian languages Orsto Ltd. will soon incorporate even more languages to service all parts of the world.

Both the basic PLUS+ Watch Bliss and the top of range PLUS+ Watch Dynamic models sync via Bluetooth with Android and iPhones and with the insertion of a SIM become a stand-alone Smartphone.  They each have a high resolution color display, capacitive finger touch screen and gesture control, easy touch keyboard for sending and receiving texts, emails, and social networking posts, and a built in microphone and speaker.  Both models receive and make phone calls as well as receive and write text messages and emails directly to the watch and have a silent vibrating motor for alerts and notifications.  The products are suited for web browsing and social networking surf-ability, incorporate MP3 music and MP4 video players and recorders and supply a Bluetooth 4.0 connection to any compatible wireless accessory.  Both the PLUS+ Watch Dynamic and the Bliss have CNC machined stainless steel casings and a stylish trendsetting approach with six color choices.

The PLUS+ Watch Dynamic has a recommended retail price of $399 USD as it incorporates several more features than the Bliss model retailing for $199.  Added features to the Dynamic are direct 3G connectivity, a full Android 4.0 operating system, a built-in still picture camera as well as a built in video camera and the capacity to run thousands of useful apps and games.  Most impressively, the PLUS+ Watch Dynamic has live real time GPS for navigation and recognition of child safety Geo-fence zones.  Additionally the Dynamic product can link to any free public or private WiFi hotspots and use a motion sensor for functions control and activity apps. Limited quantities of the Bliss ($99) and Dymanic ($179) are available  through the crowdfunding campaign on FundAnything.com.

Orsto Ltd. is a company based in Durham, England, UK and is headed up by Paul Gill, a respected expert with over thirty-six years experience.  Orsto’s mission under his leadership is to make the latest advances in wearable technology affordable to the average consumer.  The company focuses on technology that enables people of all ages to lead easier, safer and healthier lives.

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