The rise of Impact Investing

by angel news uk in Investment, People have always had a conscious and a sense of what is morally right and wrong. For example, charitable giving dates back through all stages of human history to help those in a vulnerable position.


Whilst this usually is done through people giving away any spare income, it is only more recently that investors have seen this as a way to get a financial return whilst doing social good. In 2007, the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) was conceived by a small group of American investors who gathered together to discuss the emerging impact investing industry. A year later, a broader group of global investors discussed how the impact investing industry could grow to tackle wider global societal and environmental challenges. In June 2013, David Cameron announced the launch of the Social Impact Investment Taskforce which aims to grow the social impact investment market across the G8 countries. The task force is led by Sir Ronald Cohen and is bringing together government officials and senior figures from finance, business and philanthropy. Since its launch, Big Society Capital have invested over £149 million into social causes and the industry is set to get even bigger over the coming years.

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