Europe’s Leading sports crowdfunding website successfully uses own model to fund expansion

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Leading sports crowdfunding website

successfully uses own model to fund expansion

- raises more than €80,000 through equity crowdfunding -

EUROPE’S leading sports crowdfunding website has successfully raised €80,000 worth of investment for ambitious expansion plans through equity crowdfunding., founded by Irish entrepreneur Richard Pearson in February last year, has become the premier sports crowdfunding company in Europe in its first 12 months and now seeks to build on its presence in the US, where the crowdfunding industry is at its most valuable.

To do this it is seeking financial backers on equity crowdfunding platform and with one week to go’s campaign has accumulated more than €80,000. There are still shares available, but founder and chief executive Richard Pearson is confident the fundraising initiative will now succeed.


Explaining the decision to use equity crowdfunding over traditional methods of attracting investors, Pearson said: “When we decided we were ready for this expansion and began thinking about where to find investors, there was never going to be any other choice.

“We want the public to own shares. Rather than having one or two investors, I would like 100 different brand ambassadors who want to see this business become a global success and profit from it.

“We are a crowdfunding platform and believe that this is the future of all investment, whether that’s in sports on, or in businesses on It works.”

He added: “Crowdfunding has gained huge momentum and raised an estimated US$10billion last year.

Equity Crowdfunding in the UK alone tripled to £84million in 2014 [Nesta & Cambridge University Report]. There is no ceiling to this industry. This is a huge opportunity to buy a stake in an exciting, innovative, online company that is going through massive growth.” has successfully funded high-profile tennis players, Olympic hopefuls, Paralympic hopefuls, National rugby teams, local football teams, and Ironmen and women in the UK, US and in Ireland. It has created a substantial following in its first year and plans to capitalise on that with a move into funding sports brands and developing its own brand partners initiative.

Pearson said: “Our projections for the next three years will be a lot more aggressive. We are now the market leader in Europewith little direct competition. We plan on leveraging our success this year and moving into other areas of sport such as crowdfunding for products and brands.

“We will also start to grow revenue from brand partners and affiliations with plans to introduce a new high profit margin source of revenue.”

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Richard Pearson, founder

Tel: +44 (0) 207 1830374

Email:; Twitter:@pledgesports; Facebook:Pledge Sports


Editors notes:, successful in the US, UK and Ireland,provides a unique online funding and commercial sponsorship platform for sports people, teams, clubs or events who need to raise money. It gives people the chance to pursue their dreams, while also building their profile and fanbase.


Crowdfunding has grown 1,000% in the past five years, raising an estimated US$10bn globally last year. The concept provides companies and individuals with a platform to raise funds for a project, and sponsors, whether individual or an organisation, incentives to do so.

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