Healthcare startup looks to IndieGoGo

Healthcare startup looks to IndieGoGo

Health Tech Hatch, a site launched last fall as a crowdfunding site specifically for health startups, is joining forces with one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms on the web, Indiegogo. From the beginning, the company planned to help health startups both crowdfund and beta test their products with patients and physicians. But now, founder and CEO Patricia Salber said Health Tech Hatch plans to focus more closely on the beta testing side, while working on the crowdfunding piece through Indiegogo. “We quickly learned that it’s really, really hard to raise much money if you’re trying to raise for a startup company [that isn't] any of the companies…

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New crowdfunding platform combining investment with mentoring announced

Jason Graf - Crowdit

CrowdIt to go beyond just financing to help support and develop start-ups New crowdfunding start-up CrowdIt, launching on June 4, will merge funding with an online business incubation platform. Founded by Jason Graf, Paul Freeman and Markus Pope, the site claims it will surpass just financing, incorporating advice from experts, peer review, collaboration and networking in its aim to nurture and support business ideas and entrepreneurs. Based in Missouri, US, the platform will accept international pledges and provide different forms of funding for businesses to choose from, including full or partial goals, donation or incentives and rewards. There will be a 5% fee for all crowdfunding…

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Social Media Dreamfunding™, the next generation of crowdfunding, will allow you

The next generation of Crowdfunding is opening doors for women. Today launched a site dedicated to helping women use the internet, and their social media currency to start or expand a business. Bellevate uses DreamfundingSM, next generation Crowdfunding – a hot new way for entrepreneurs to raise funds through small individual contributions. It’s a way for businesses to use the Internet and their established social media networks to find the funding to launch new ideas or expand existing operations. But, women are often still getting lost in the shuffle. On most crowdfunding sites, businesses looking for funding are all pooled together. One artist is raising…

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Kentucky start-up sector prepares for opening of new small-investor marketplace


Revolutionary. A potential game-changer. The biggest change to securities law in 80 years. That’s what people in the know are saying about crowdfund investing, or CFI, a new vehicle in “marketplace” investing that capitalizes on the accessibility of the Internet to connect small businesses and potential investors like never before. It expands on already popular and increasingly common “rewards-based” crowdfunding sites like and, which invite investors to help fund start-up projects in exchange for an early prototype product or other merchandise-based “rewards” – and sometimes for nothing at all beyond the satisfaction of boosting a good cause or idea. The new crowdfund investing platforms,…

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Leaders in technology industry discuss crowdfunding

brian Yu The Daily Illini

Leaders of the Champaign-Urbana technology industry discussed new investment opportunities Wednesday at the iHotel and Conference Center for the quarterly CU CEO Tech Roundtable. The purpose of these roundtables, sponsored by Research Park, is to bring together presidents, CEOs and founders of tech companies so they can learn from each other, share success stories and address specific subject matter, said Laura Frerichs, director of Research Park. “The businesses certainly like the opportunity to learn from each other,” Frerichs said. “It is a difficult path to be a startup entrepreneur. Being able to have this peer group to be able to call upon and to be able…

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